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Dying is Easy

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Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
1:16 am

Okay, I hadn't been able to manage this community due to time constraints with work. But since I have left there and moved to the city, I have more time to manage this whole thing. First thing is first, I still need an application from mobygo18 (Just a formality really). Also, I am in the process of making a banner for the community. I would like to ask for a little help as far as advertising the community as well as how to do backgrounds (I'm a bit inexperienced ^_^) Oh, and just in case people didn't know, check your t.v listings for Turner Classic Movies on Sunday, 12am Eastern time. They have a silent movie every week. One time they had Coney Island on, which is a Arbuckle/Buster/Al St. John short film. That is all for tonight, let me know with your ideas/suggestions/etc... They are greatly accepted and appreciated.

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Sunday, October 23rd, 2005
1:47 pm - Well ... since you asked

Name - Eric Coleman
Age - 46
Gender - M
City and/or state - Ames, IA
Appearance (hair color, eye color, height, but don't worry, weight is not required ^_^)
Medium height, fat, furry, reddish-grey hair

1: Name your favorite silent movie actor and why
There can be only one ... Keaton of course

2: Favorite movie and a gag from that movie that impressed you.
The General is my favorite, my favorite bit from that is probably when the sobriette tosses away the piece of wood with the knot hole in it. Buster throttles her, then kisses her. It's a beautiful bit.

3: Thoughts on talkies (good/bad why)
I love talkies as much as I love silent film.

4: What influence did these actors/movies have on you (if any)
I have cited Keaton as an influence on my songwriting for many years now, sometimes to the dismay of others. Simple, his economy, his grace and his overall theme (that of the little guy dealing with the world) has always been of the utmost interest to me.

5: Random interesting fact about your favorite actor (named above)
His inability to deal with the realities of the world has always interested me. That he found someone (Eleanor) who dealt with the day to day stuff for the last part of his life has always made me happy.

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Thursday, June 30th, 2005
3:58 pm

First Entry Ever!

Welcome to my community! Also thank you for at least reading it. I created this community to honor silent movie comedians, namely Buster Keaton. Well I know I have an application in the info section, so I think i will lead by example. Here is my own application.

Name: Alexis
Age: 19
Gender: Female
City and/or state: Streamwood, IL
Appearance: 5"6, short medium brown hair, green/blue/grey/hazel eyes

1: Name your favorite silent movie actor and why:
Buster Keaton because he has the most elaborate falls and amazing fights I have ever seen.

2: Favorite movie and a gag from that movie that impressed you:
Hmmm.... I would have to say Steamboat Bill Jr is the top one for me right now (and Bellboy). For Steamboat Bill Jr my favorite gag had to be the whole part of him trying to take shelter from the storm, especially when he tries to dive through the backdrop on the stage, not realizing it is a painting.

3: Thoughts on talkies (good/bad why):
I liked them for the most part because not only did you hear the actors voice but you also could tell the type of person they were portraying. I really like Buster's voice, I think it is you can hear the modesty and sheepishness with an underlying tone of innocence and slight toughness from years of hard physical comedy.

4: What influence did these actors/movies have on you (if any):
Buster had a great influence on me. No matter how unhappy I am I always feel better when I watch his movies. Also I have more in common with my grandfather aside from sense of humor, which is really good since he was diagnosed with throat cancer less than a week ago.

5: Random interesting fact about your favorite actor (named above):
Buster accidentally fractured his neck on the set of Sherlock Jr when he was hanging off of a tube connected to a water basin. It was when the water poured out and washed him on to the track that it happened, and that footage is actually a part of the movie. He didn't even know about it for a while.

6: (optional) memorable quote
"That must have happened when the dough fell in the tool chest."

current mood: Yay for my first community

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